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North Texas Evictions

OmniKey Realty offers an eviction cost coverage plan on all single and multi-family managed properties. The cost of this plan is outlined below. This is a great way to avoid incurring the fees associated with a routine eviction or our time to file evictions that are later paid and canceled before ever going to court, including on consistently late-paying tenants. If you opt into this plan, you receive:

  • Unlimited Forcible Entry and Detainer Suits (eviction) filings in a Justice of the Peace court for non-payment of rent including all court/filing costs. This also includes all staff and company time to file and subsequently attend JP court cases, no matter how many visits it takes.

NOTE: The cost to file and attend eviction with court costs with recent court increases is often $250 or more for a dual-occupancy rental. The cost can be $90-$100 more for EACH additional tenant on a lease having to be served. If landlord enrolls in this plan, OmniKey Realty reserves the right to bill tenant any costs incurred for eviction filings against them. Any costs recovered are 100% payable to OmniKey.


  • In the event that a tenant appeals any Forcible Entry and Detainer Suit, any costs, time, and/or associated attorney’s fees are the responsibility of the owner to pay.
  • For any tenant not placed by OmniKey Realty, client must be enrolled in policy for six months before that tenant is covered.
  • This plan does not cover other items such as lost rent, damages to property, etc.

The cost for our Eviction Cost Coverage Plan is as follows:

  • $15 per unit per month in a single family, duplex, triplex, or fourplex
  • $10 per unit per month in a 5+ unit multi-family building or buildings

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