Listing FAQ

Listing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions For Listings

Here are the frequently asked questions that most people have about listings.

  1. What are the total commissions you charge to sell my investment property?

    The total commission for our investors is 5.5%. This includes us paying out a full 3% to the buyer’s agent. This also gets you access to this property being marketed to our hundreds of actively acquiring investors.

  2. What are the typical closing costs I should expect?

    We tell are our clients to factor in 7-8% total for all closing costs including commissions. Every sale is different and this is an estimate but it is our job to try to get the buyer to cover as many of these closing costs as possible! We specialize in negotiations for your benefit due to our large volume.

  3. How long will it take for my house to sell?

    This varies from property to property, but as your agent, we thoroughly review the comparables in detail and can give an idea of how long we believe your property will take to sell at the time of listing. We sell a lot of properties so we have experience in these areas to also help guide the techniques to use and expectations as we have done it before! Homes priced correctly generally go under contract within a month in prime season. In off-season, it truly depends on the number of properties you are competing with. One of the most important things is the condition and marketability of your listing, which is precisely why we do our routine walkthroughs included (at no cost!) in our property management services so we can make sure it is in the right shape for listing!

  4. What type of marketing do you offer?

    We do full MLS Marketing, IDX (, Zillow,, etc.) social media (including our facebook page with over 11,000 followers), blasts to our investors, and much more! We also utilize open houses and marketing email flyers when needed.

  5. Should I expect repairs during the inspection period?

    Typically, yes. Even newer homes typically have issues on inspections. Every home is different, but expect to receive at least some request from the buyer. We set the stage early on in negotiations that we won’t be “Beat up” and we always have your best interest in mind. We are tough negotiators!

  6. How does the closing work if I am not local?

    We handle this all the time! Most of our clients are located in California, New York, or Australia! We will send a mobile notary directly to you for closing.

  7. How do I reach the investment sales team?

    You can reach Will Clark, the Director of Sales, at: 833-OmniKey Extension 41, at listings(at)omnikeytexas(dotted)com, or via the form below!

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