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Rental Application Criteria

Requirements for Applying

One application is required for each adult 18 and older regardless of whether or not they are employed and/or will be responsible for the lease. EACH PERSON MUST SUBMIT A SEPARATE APPLICATION OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE CANCELLED. COMPLETION OF THE CO-APPLICANT SECTION DOES NOT SUBMIT THEIR APPLICATION.

Please send over via fax (833) OmniFax or email the following information for each applicant:

  • Best contact information for current landlord if not included on app, and previous if occupied less than 2 years.
  • Copy of driver's license or other government issued ID.
  • Last 2 paystubs from your employer, or if you are self-employed the prior year's tax return.
  • If you have outstanding items on your credit or background, such as criminal records, evictions, lawsuits, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc.; please provide a short letter describing the circumstances and why you would be a good tenant for our property.
  • Photo of any pet(s).

The following are our requirements for application approval:

  • The application fee is $75 for all adult applicants 18 years or older and this and the application MUST be done on our website regardless of whether they are employed and or in school.
  • Number of occupants is not to exceed those allowed by city/county/state regulations.
  • Verifiable income of three times the tenant’s monthly rent.
  • Verifiable source(s) of income for the 12 month period preceding this application.
  • No High Risk Breed Dogs to be kept on the property unless required by law. Breed types to include: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, ETC. If you have an aggressive breed dog, call us before submitting your application.
  • Satisfactory and verifiable rental history.
  • No evictions within the last 5 years. If you have an eviction, please provide a short letter describing the circumstances and why you would be a good tenant for our property. If you have a recent eviction and no verifiable positive rental history since, we recommend you contact us before applying.
  • No occupant with convictions for crimes relating to violence, property theft, sexual offenses, crimes against minors or any type of crime that would threaten the peaceful living enjoyment or safety of residential premises and the surrounding community. No convictions for the distribution or manufacturing of drugs. If you have a conviction that falls into the preceding list, please provide a short letter describing the circumstances and why you would be a good tenant for our property or contact us before applying and we may accept this case by case if the crime is older than 10 years. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DECLINE FOR THE ITEMS LISTED ABOVE IF WE FEEL THEY ARE AN ISSUE FOR OUR PROPERTY OR THE SURROUNDING NEIGHBORS. EXPLANATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY CONVICTED VIOLENT OFFENSES IN THE LAST 4 YEARS OR SEXUAL OFFENSES OF ANY KIND. ANY APPLICANT REGISTERED AS A SEX OFFENDER WILL NOT QUALIFY.


Please note we do our best to timely run applications, but some properties receive MANY applications at the same time. Just because you apply for the property does not mean we will run or approve your application. Even if you have perfect credit and rental history, that does not mean you will be approved as we may have other applicants who also fit the same criteria.

IF your application is accepted, your lease will be sent to you for digital signature. You must deliver your certified funds for security deposit and any pet deposit as well as complete the signing of this lease within 48 hours. Failure to do this within 48 hours may result in us immediately moving on to the next application and rejecting yours.

The property will remain listed, continue to show, and be available to the next applicant UNTIL all applicants sign the lease and pay their deposit via certified funds.

Leases are sent via E-Lease for your digital signature. Funds are to be delivered to our office unless other arrangements have been made.

For immediate move in, first month's rent MUST be paid at lease signing via certified funds. Until first month's rent and deposit are paid, keys will not be released.