Why Houston Single-Family Homeowners Should Work With OmniKey Realty

Why Houston Single-Family Homeowners Should Work With OmniKey Realty

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OmniKey Realty is an experienced property management company serving owners and investors in north and east Texas. If you own a single-family property as an investment or you’re thinking about renting out your own home to earn some cash flow while your asset increase in value, we’re your best property management and investment resource.

While there are dozens of great reasons to work with our talented team, today we want to focus on a few specific things that set us apart from other Houston property management companies.

Here are some of the best reasons that single-family homeowners should work with OmniKey Realty.

We Guarantee Your Tenants

It’s easy to understand why rental property owners worry so much about tenants. These are people you hardly know living in a property that you own. You don’t know how they’re going to act, what they’re going to do, and whether they’re going to pay. Many of the owners we work with worry about rent being late or not being paid at all. They worry about eviction and property damage. What if something illegal goes on inside the property? What if a tenant leaves in the middle of the night, breaking their lease and never coming back?

We put your mind at ease by guaranteeing the tenants we place.

Our screening process and rental criteria is strict. We understand the anxiety over tenant selection, and we’re careful to place tenants we can count on to pay rent on time, take care of the property, and follow the terms of the lease agreement.

This allows us to offer a four-month tenant guarantee.

This means that if a tenant we place breaks the lease, stops paying, or needs to be evicted, we’ll find you a new tenant free of charge. No additional leasing fees to pay and no penalty to you. We’ll take care of the marketing, screening, and leasing.

Protecting Your Real Estate Investment

Our rigorous tenant screening process and tenant guarantee is one way we protect your Houston investment property.

We also protect the condition of your asset by conducting quarterly walkthroughs of your rental property. This is at no charge to you – it’s part of our management agreement. By getting inside your property every few months, we can make sure there isn’t any deferred or unreported maintenance waiting to cause an emergency repair. We can also make sure the property is clean and well-maintained by your tenants. We’ll make sure there aren’t any lease violations that need to be addressed.

Competitive Property Management Fees

Our property management, leasing, and lease renewal fees are competitive.

You’ll pay 75 percent of the first month’s rent in leasing fees, and the renewal fee for your single-family home is a flat $100. More important than what we charge is what we do. You get a lot of value for what you pay.

There are no start-up fees to begin working with us. We don’t charge extra for coordinating maintenance. Everything you pay is transparent, fair, and easy to understand. There are no surprises when you receive your monthly statement. No questionable charges or hidden fees.

There is a lot more to tell you about working with us. Your single-family property has the potential to earn you great rents and long-term ROI. Tenants all over Texas are looking for well-maintained homes in good neighborhoods. We can help you find them and ensure a pleasant and profitable rental experience.

Property managementIf you have any questions about Houston property management, we’d love to tell you more about our experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at OmniKey Realty. We work with rental property owners in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and surrounding areas in Dallas County, Collin County, and Houston County.

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