Property Management FAQ

Property Management FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you provide a rental price analysis?

    Yes, our free rental price analysis is provided to you by a licensed realtor® not a computer algorithm. This way you get market info from a person that is actually familiar with rental market factors, area rental rates, neighborhood variables and local comps.

  2. How fast will my property take to rent?

    Each property is different and with that the time will vary. However, with a comprehensive rental price analysis we can provide a projection to you as to the time it will take.

  3. Do you provide maintenance services?

    Yes, we one of the only companies that can provide you with in-house maintenance persons as well as a stable of independent contractors & licensed trades that can take care of any issues. The price of repairs is competitive within the local markets. As always, you never pay any repair coordination fees to us!

  4. What service do you provide with property management?

    We are a full-service provider with some additional service not available to you with other management companies. These include; rent collection, coordinating maintenance requests, in-house repairs teams, assisting with compliance of state and national laws, carrying out evictions and enforcing leases including filing all evictions paperwork, protecting your property, quarterly walk-throughs, and so much more.

  5. Why do you have to change the locks?

    Texas is a landlord favorable state. However, there are specific and important requirements under texas law that are in place to protect the tenant. Specifically locks and smoke detectors are a high concern. You can find that info under texas property code texas property code, section 92, subchapter d. Additionally, we have to have access to the property for repairs, emergencies, and inspections. This requires us to have a privately coded key system in place to ensure we always have emergency access.

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