Preventive Maintenance Tips to Avoid Major Repair Costs Later | Dallas Property Management

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Avoid Major Repair Costs Later | Dallas Property Management

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No one likes emergency repairs. Tenants find them frustrating and disruptive while owners find them expensive and inconvenient.

Things will happen when we least expect it, and little can be done about that.

However, you can reduce the risk of emergencies and major repair costs with a good preventative maintenance plan. Here are five tips we share with owners to keep their investment properties in excellent condition and free from deferred repairs that will only cost more in the long run.

Preventative Maintenance Requires Reliable Vendors

You can’t have a good preventative maintenance plan without a great team of vendors and contractors who will take care of that work.

Put together a list of preferred vendors and contractors who know you and your investment property. These professionals can routinely inspect and service the major systems in your property, keeping them in efficient shape and letting you know when something needs attention.

Develop relationships with professionals before you need them, and listen to their advice and recommendations when it comes to caring for your property. Make sure all of the vendors you work with are licensed and insured to prevent additional risk and liability.

Annual Heating and Cooling Inspections

The weather in Dallas is pretty hot in the summers, and as we learned last winter – we can also have some extreme cold temperatures. This means your tenants are going to need both the air conditioning and the heat throughout the year. Your rental property’s heating and cooling system will be well-used and must be maintained.

The HVAC is going to be an expensive system in your Dallas rental home, so you want to make sure it’s running as efficiently and effectively as it can. Preventative maintenance is going to help keep your repair costs down. It will prevent you from having to spend thousands of dollars to replace your HVAC system too soon.

Have a technician come out to your property once or twice a year to inspect and clean the HVAC. This will ensure that any problems are detected early. You’ll know your tenants are unlikely to complain about their air conditioning not working in the middle of July. It will also increase the life expectancy of your system.

Watch for Water Damage and Intrusion

Sometimes homes in Dallas can have foundation issues. This is something to check from time to time. You also want to make sure water intrusion is noticed right away and remedied.

Small leaks are easy to ignore, but they almost always turn into larger leaks that damage floors and walls and eventually lead to rot and mold. Be proactive about preventing them.

Anytime you are in the property, take a look at the areas under sinks. Check the floors around toilets and tubs to be sure there isn’t any softening. Look for drooping or discolored ceilings and walls.

Preventative Maintenance Can be Seasonal

Taking care of seasonal issues such as landscaping, sprinkler flushing, and gutter cleaning will ensure you don’t suddenly have to make major and expensive repairs.

Some of the things on your seasonal preventative maintenance checklist might include:

  • Pressure washing the outside of your home
  • Conducting safety and habitability checks (smoke detectors, exterior lighting, etc.).
  • Cleaning out the gutters.
  • Cleaning out the dryer vents.
  • Paying attention to landscaping and trimming branches away from the home.

Dallas Property Management Can Help

One of the best ways to put together a preventative maintenance plan is with the help of a professional Dallas property management company. Our job is to protect the condition of your home and to ensure it’s safe and habitable for your tenants. We’ll save you money with preferred vendors and careful attention.

Preventative maintenance planningPreventative maintenance allows you to be proactive instead of reactive, and we make it a big part of our Dallas property management plans. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at OmniKey Realty.

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