Pros & Cons of Moving to Dallas, Texas

Pros & Cons of Moving to Dallas, Texas

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As a fast-growing city, Dallas enjoys its fair number of newcomers. If you’re thinking of moving to a neighborhood in this vibrant city, it’s essential to check out the pros and cons. Cultural differences do exist, making it best to arm yourself with knowledge before diving in.

Moving requires a lot of effort, so here’s a list of pros and cons to use as a reference. We do recognize that there are tradeoffs for every resident in each city he chooses to live in. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of residing in the large-scale metropolitan area of Dallas, Texas:

Pros of Living in Dallas

1. Vast Employment Opportunity

Income is one of the primary things you consider when moving. In Dallas, Texas, large company headquarters are established. This translates to plenty of jobs all around. Some of the biggest companies here are Southwest Airlines, AMR Corporation, AT&T, Bank of America, and ExxonMobil, to name a few.

If you’re looking to start a business, Dallas offers a friendly business climate to entrepreneurs, given its affordable costs. If your goal is to be employed, the proliferating business opportunities make it easy to land a job. In fact, Forbes ranked Dallas at number ten for “Best Places for Businesses and Careers.”

2. Fewer Taxes

Nothing delights one more than spending less for one of the most fixed expenses of all: taxes. It’s invigorating to find out that you’re not required to pay state income tax in Dallas. This means an increase in disposable income, allowing you to buy more and allocate more spending for dining out, entertainment or getaways.

dallas texas known for paying fewer taxes

Keep in mind, though, that the property taxes are higher in this city when you buy a home. You also have to deal with an auto tax and sales tax. The rates are often higher compared to the rest of the country. Still, a zero-income tax is enough incentive to move to Dallas for most.

3. Security and Modern Conveniences

Since Dallas is thriving and has exponential growth, modernity is catching up as well. Amenities are improved since there are more local businesses and healthy competition among them.

Another great thing about Dallas is its sense of safety compared to other big cities. If you pick to live in the suburbs, there’s even more security.

4. Topnotch Schools

Those raising a family will find settling down in Dallas a worthwhile investment, as the city enjoys a reputation for having quality schools. They’re known to offer high-ranking educational institutions around the country. This encompasses the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

In fact, over 20% of its residents hold a bachelor’s degree, and graduating high school students are found to be college-ready.

5. Incredible Dining

When it comes to cuisine, Dallas does not disappoint. Among their popular dishes are barbecue, fried chicken, tacos, and chili. You also have a vast range to choose from, whether you’re in the mood for European or Asian cuisines. If you like to go on gastronomic adventures, the city will welcome your food obsession with open arms.

benefits of living in dallas the food

Some iconic restaurants to visit are Brisket at the Pecan Lodge, Revolver Taco Lounge, Chili at Tolbert’s, and Fried Chicken at Rudy’s Chicken. Don’t miss on trying out frozen margaritas, too, a cocktail concoction often attributed as their invention. Swing by Mexican Sugar, Mi Cocina, or Meso Maya to have a glass or two.

6. Southern Hospitality

This charming quality still thrives among Dallas dwellers. Experience a community that’s friendly to newcomers. Adjusting to new ways of living will make it easier for transplants. The attitudes displayed are relaxed and warm. This is definitely reassuring as a new face in town.

7. Professional Sports Teams

Sports fanatics will love calling Dallas home. The city is famous for its competitive and highly skilled sports players. You can cheer for the Dallas Cowboys during the Super Bowl season. You can also root for the Dallas Mavericks during the NBA Season. Other professional teams in Dallas are the Dallas Stars, FC Dallas, and the Dallas Wings.

Cons of Living in Dallas, TX

1. Traffic

Living in Dallas is not without its challenges, however. The traffic is notorious in the city. Due to its space, it takes a while to get from Point A to Point B. Since traffic is expected, residents often sit through long commutes. The highways are often congested, especially during the work rush hours.

2. The High Cost of Living

Before making your move to Dallas, consider its cost of living. If you’re planning to rent, it will set you back around $1300 to $1500, depending on the size of the property. Since Dallas is also heavily populated, it’s expected that the cost of living can be high given that the demand, especially in housing, is up.

Cost of living is higher in Dallas

While this might affect your interest in moving to this city, remember that there are always several options. If you scout around, you may be able to find a rental price that will suit your budget.

3. Less-Than-Stellar Public Transportation

While public transportation exists in Dallas, it can be considered inefficient, given the confusing routes to navigate. Dallas has the light rail system called the DART or Dallas Area Rapid Transit, as well as the TRE or The Trinity Railway Express. However, it can take a while to adapt to. This might be one of the main reasons residents choose to buy their own car, resulting in the horrendous traffic in Dallas.

Residents can use rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber if they want to save on parking charges. Still, convenience is different for everyone; most prefer to drive to their own destinations directly. So, when deciding to move to Dallas, consider the transportation factor.


Dallas is an exciting city where jobs are plentiful, food is fantastic and schools are excellent. But you also have to contend with its crazy traffic, above-average cost of living, and challenging transportation system. If you can handle the cons, then moving to this fascinating city and transitioning will be a smooth change.

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