Media Appearances

Media Appearances

OmniKey Realty Founders Leah and Michael Slaughter often have media appearances. This is where they share their experience as well as outline all the potential opportunities out there. For instance, they appear on radio shows, podcasts, event panels, and more.

To learn more about OmniKey Realty engagement with local and national charities and organizations then visit our Community Outreach page.


Real Talk Broadcast

  • Leah appears on the MetroTex Association of Realtors Real Talk Broadcast with David Stark to discuss permanent eviction bans, rent control, and increased notices to vacate. August 2022

IMN’s 4th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Southwest)

  • Leah is the tank leader for the Acquisition Shark Tank at IMN’s 4th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum. March 2022

  • Jason Bales  joins the panel speaking on marketing your property, virtual showings, 7 leasing at IMN’s 4th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum. March 2022


IMN’s 3RD Annual Middle – Market Multifamily Forum (Southwest)

  • Leah and Michael Slaughter appear as speakers for this event. June 2021
  • Leah joins the panel for “Cash Flowing vs. Appreciation, Building Class, New Construction vs. Value Add; Selling vs. Buying: Has Covid-19 Changed Your Portfolio Construction Thoughts?” to discuss:
    • Short-term rentals, Co-Living and the next generation of new concepts
    •  Role of financing available
    • The effect of Covid – 19
    • and More!
  • Michael joins the panel for “How Are You Creating Value? Rehab & Value-Added Strategies” to discuss:
    • Conversions from retail, office, hotels and other in-trouble assets
    • Impact of cap rate suppression
    • Capital improvements and renovations of owned properties
    • and More!

Lifestyles Unlimited Radio Network

  • Leah Slaughter joins Al Gordon on the Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show. As a result, they discuss the importance of property management and property oversight to maximize your returns and more. January 2021 
  • Michael Slaughter joins Mike Harrison on the Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show. They share key insights on taking a investment property portfolio to the next level, discuss localized real estate markets and submarkets, as well as weigh in on what happened with Zillow’s $550 Million Dollar failed attempt to buy and flip real estate assets. November 2021

Mission Matters Podcast

  • Leah Slaughter joins Adam Torres on Mission Matters. They discuss how real estate investing is a great way to build long term wealth. January 2021 


  • Leah Slaughter is interviewed by Aaron Trevino to discuss lessons she has learned about real estate investing. February 2021


Lifestyles Unlimited Radio Network

  • Leah Slaughter makes an appearance on the radio show to discuss the upcoming expo in Houston, Texas. January 2020.
  • Leah Slaughter joins Al Gordon to explain the scope and vision of her company. The focus is on property management by real estate investors for real estate investors. For instance,  if you use a property management company for your rentals, it would surprise you to see what sets this team apart. April 2020.
  • Leah Slaughter made an appearance on the Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Show to speak in-depth about property management. June 2020.

Lifestyles Unlimited Expo Legacy Sponsor Introduction

  • OmniKey Realty is appears as the 2020 Lifestyles Unlimited Expo Legacy Sponsor. Leah Slaughter then takes the stage to express her excitement as a sponsor, speaker, and attendee at The Rustic in historic downtown Houston. February 2020.

The Del Walmsey Radio Show – Lifestyles Unlimited

  • Del Walmsey interviews Leah Slaughter about OmniKey Realty involvement at the 2020 Wealth and Passive Income Expo as a Grand Sponsor. This event features more than five thousand like-minded investors. January 2020.

IMN’s 2nd Annual Multifamily Property Management & Operations Forum

  • Leah and Michael Slaughter spoke across multiple panels to share their knowledge about the multifamily property management industry. March 2020.


Celebrating Women’s Success in Property Management

  • Leah Slaughter appears on a Buildium podcast. Due to this, she talks about what it’s like to be a woman in the property management profession. Also, she relays the wisdom she has gained throughout her career. February 2019.

Multifamily Property Management & Operations Forum

  • Leah and Michael Slaughter speak on the 2019 IMN panel. March 2019.

Welcome Home Radio Show – KVGI

  • Leah Slaughter  appears on the Welcome Home Radio show for KVGI. She then focuses on trends in housing, lending, real estate, property management, and more.


Podcast with Profitable Property Management

  • Leah Slaughter discusses what makes OmniKey Realty unique. For instance, she discusses how much the business has grown and more. November 2018.

Hallmark Channel Features on Foster Dog

  • Leah Slaughter and one of her foster dogs from Legacy Humane Society, Lucky, appear on the Hallmark Channel. October 2018.
  • Leah Slaughter as well as one of her foster dogs from Legacy Humane Society, Lucky, appear on the Hallmark Channel. July 2018.
  • Leah Slaughter and one of her foster dogs from Legacy Humane Society, Lucky, appear on the Hallmark Channel. May 2018.

Enterprise Radio Appearance

  • Leah Slaughter asks the question, “What is Your Money Doing for You?”. She then shares tips for investing in real estate. This episode of Enterprise Radio is also working in conjunction with The Real Estate Channel. February 2018.


The Wylie News: Collin County Prices Soar for Apartments, Homes

  • Wylie News quotes Leah Slaughter  about rental home pricing in suburbs north of Dallas. January 2017.

NBC Interview

  • Leah Slaughter has an interview on KTEN NBC in Denison. They then  discuss the new construction revitalization work OmniKey Realty is doing in Sherman and Denison, Texas. Also note: the password is ABC. November 2017.

Real Wealth Network Live Property Showcase Webinar

  • This webinar features OmniKey Realty properties as well as highlights all of the current services the company handles in North Texas. November 2017.

“Mompreneur” Interview with Andrea Live

  • Leah Slaughter is interviewed on Andrea Live about her personal journey with “Mompreneurship”. For instance, this includes the growth of her business as well as her personal health journey. December 2017.

Fox 4 News DFW Story

  • Leah Slaughter is interviewed on Fox 4 News about the development occurring in Rowlett.

Hallmark Channel Feature on Foster Dog

  • Leah Slaughter as well as one of her foster dogs from Legacy Humane Society, Maggie, are featured on the Hallmark Channel. November 2017.

Expertise – The Best Property Managers in Dallas for 2017

  • Expertise looked at the 326 property managers in Dallas and chose the top 20. As a result, OmniKey Realty was selected as one of the best property managers in the area.

Scam Detector Article: 10 Real Estate Scams That You Need to Avoid Today

  • This article quotes Leah Slaughter as she discusses the scam of duplicated listings. Due to this, she talks about what to look for when you are interested in renting a property. October 2017.

Should You Use a Property Management Company for Your Rental Property

  • This article answers questions as well as gives advice for those considering investing in a property management company with real estate. For instance, Leah Slaughter is quoted on being a knowledgeable landlord. She then details what benefits property managers can have for your investments. September 2017.

Hassle-Free Cash Flow Investing Interview


Live Property Showcase Webinar with Real Wealth Network

  • This webinar features OmniKey Realty properties in Dallas.

Housing Bubble Blog

  • This blog post quotes the WFAA report about the DFW home pricing. Leah Slaughter is quoted in this article about how she “hasn’t seen values or demands like this since 2006.”

Jason Wheeler WFAA Channel 8 DFW Interview

  • Leah Slaughter was quoted in this news interview about the values and prices for purchasing a home in DFW. Due to this, She has seen home prices selling very quickly in this hot market.


Lifestyles Unlimited Inc. Podcast

  • Leah Slaughter and Lynn Andris of Lifestyles Unlimited Podcast discuss property management.


Wylie Connection Magazine

  • OmniKey Realty was featured in the April/May 2012 edition of the Wylie Connection Magazine. This is a Wylie/Sachse/Murphy community magazine and OmniKey’s property management services were featured as well as advertised. April/May 2012.

Wylie Chamber of Commerce Tri-Chamber Golf Tournament Sponsor Recognition

  • In this news article, an event hosted by OmniKey Realty was featured. OmniKey Realty then sponsored a Business Card Exchange in Wylie. April 2012.

Wylie News Taste of Home Bronze Sponsor

  • During the “Taste of Wylie” event, OmniKey Realty was a bronze sponsor. This charitable function benefitted the Wylie Christian Care Center Food Pantry. April 2020.


Woodbridge News: Platinum Sponsor Recognition

  • The Woodbridge Social Community thanked OmniKey Realty for being a platinum sponsor of the chili cook off community event.

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