McKinney Property Management

McKinney Property Management

Quality Rental Management in McKinney, Texas

If you’re looking to hire a property manager in McKinney, Texas, look no further.

OmniKey Realty in Texas is a professional property management firm offering a variety of excellent services, including property management, acquisition, and sales. We specialized in managing single-family homes, multi-family units, and commercial properties.

Located in Plano, Texas, we’ve been serving the areas of Dallas Fort-Worth, North-East Texas, Killeen Metroplexes, and more since 2006. OmniKey Realty is a family-owned team that delivers the advantages that you would expect from a large firm. Our goal is to provide property owners with support and guidance to maximize their returns, diversify their investments, and reduce the stress that comes from self-managing a property.

We’re a multi-awarded firm and we always strive for excellence in our work. We find the best solutions for each of our clients to help them fulfill their investment goals. We work on bringing value to property owners by keeping ourselves up-to-date on the current knowledge and practices of the industry. We’re members of NARPM, TAR, NAR, HAR, ABOR, BCS, Metrotex, GTAR, and SABOR.

If you’re looking to fill the vacancies of your McKinney unit, want a faster and more thorough tenant screening process, or need to collect rent more effectively, OmniKey Realty has you covered. We’ll maintain your property in its best-quality, carrying out any necessary repairs to ensure we do so. Our years of industry experience have provided us with the necessary legal knowledge to protect our clients from running into any legal issues.

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If you want a fully committed property management partner, give us a call at (833) 666-4539. We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan to optimize your income. Whether you have one or multiple properties, we’ll give the same careful attention to each.

Our Property Management Services

Operating for more than a decade, OmniKey Realty has designed a set of high-quality property management services for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that their rental properties are profitable while keeping their stresses low. Managing rental property on your own is challenging. With the following services, you’ll find less stress and more success in your rental property investment!

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

Marketing isn’t simply posting your vacant McKinney property picture online and waiting for an inquiry from a prospective tenant. OmniKey Realty starts by completing a thorough market analysis to determine the correct price for your rental. Next, we’ll look at your rental’s target demographic and create strategies to market it to them effectively.

With the help of advanced technology software, we will post your listing on various websites to promote your McKinney property to a large audience. We also tap into our vast network of real estate partners to help find quality tenants. Our partners include commissioned agents that will accelerate the occupation of your McKinney property. Our objective is to reduce your marketing expenses and kickstart your rental income as fast as we can.

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2. Thorough Tenant Screening

If you miss checking important background information in tenant screening, your oversight could cost you a lot in the future. It could equate to income loss or a stressful eviction. OmniKey Realty LLC can perform a thorough screening of each prospective tenant. This screening will cover extensive details such as the tenant’s financial capability, criminal background, and previous landlord references.

Our goal is to find financially sound, responsible, and policy-abiding tenants for your McKinney property. We protect our clients from costly evictions and legal headaches that come from problematic tenants.

3. Effective Rent Collection

Rent collection is where a property owner earns its ROI. If your rent collection is inefficient, this will result in delayed income. OmniKey Realty has designed an effective system that provides tenants with multiple payment options. This way, tenants can easily pay on time in whatever way suits their needs best.

We then quickly credit our clients’ accounts with their rental income using an electronic fund transfer. We protect each of our clients with a four-month payment guarantee in the event of an eviction. If we have to evict a tenant within this time frame, we will not charge our clients any tenant replacement fees.

4. Property Maintenance & Repairs

Much of our work as your property manager will lie in property repairs and maintenance to ensure your property stays in good condition. Our goal is to make tenants happy with the property so that they will renew their leases when the time comes. In turn, this will help you maximize your ROI.

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OmniKey Realty LLC has its own in-house professional staff to attend to any needed repairs or maintenance of our client’s property. This means that the costs will be minimal for our clients since we don’t have to source out the needed services. If an emergency arises requiring immediate repair, we also have a 24hr response team that can handle this situation.

We complete regular property inspections to ensure that your McKinney property will always be in its best condition. If we take on any ongoing renovation projects to enhance your property, we are available to supervise the process for free until it is complete.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

You need an organized record-keeping system to track the finances from your investment property. OmniKey Realty LLC connects our clients to an online portal where they can easily view monthly statements, payment records, and expense reports.

About McKinney, Texas

McKinney is the second-largest city in Collin County, Texas. In 2014, it claimed the top spot as the “Best Place to Live” in the United States via Money Magazine.

Residents of McKinney enjoy its overall safety and natural environment. The city features plenty of parks, quality schools, and a diverse community.

You can also find easy access to a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops in this city. Lastly, McKinney is close by Dallas and Plano, making both easily accessible with an approximate 20-minute drive.

Things To Do in McKinney, Texas

1. Explore Main Street. Here you can find antique shops, historic buildings, and exciting festivals for all ages to enjoy.
2. Visit Chestnut Square Historic Park. Travel back in time to appreciate a preserved chapel, schoolhouse, and an assortment of vintage homes here.
3. Relax in Town Lake Recreation Area. Enjoy a park with a fishing pier, hiking trails, and paddleboats to spend your downtime.

Source: Wikipedia.

Areas We Service

Currently, we are serving the following areas: Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Central Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Bryan/College Station, Waco), North East Texas (Tyler, Longview), Abilene, Denton, Killeen Metroplexes, AllenPlano, McKinney, Corpus Christi, ParisFriscoRichardson, and more.

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