Why Invest in Houston

Why Invest in Houston


Economy and Jobs

The Houston Area Ranks…

  • Houston is home to 24 Fortune 500 companies, 8 Fortune Global 500 companies, and 26 Forbes Global 2000 Companies. (Source: Greater Houston Partnership)
  • Of the world’s largest non-us Corporations, 63 have a presence in Houston (Source: HoustonTx.Gov)
  • The Port of Houston ranks 1st in US International waterborne tonnage handled and 2nd in total cargo tonnage handled and is the 10th largest port in the world (Source: HoustonTx.Gov)
  • 6th lagest metro area population in U.S. Metropolitan statistical areas as of 2010 Census, a 26% increase since 2000 (Source: HoustonTx.Gov)
  • 4th most populous city in the nation  (trailing only New York, LA, and Chicago, and is the largest in southern US and Texas (Source: HoustonTx.Gov)
  • 3 airport system served over 55 million passengers in 2015, including over 10 million international travelers (Source: HoustonTx.Gov)
  • Houston is the 26th largest economy in the world (Source: Greater Houston Partnership)
  • Houston region living costs after taxes are 25.9% below the average for major metropolitan areas (Source: Greater Houston Partnership)
  • 92 countries have consular offices in Houston, the third highest in the nation (Source: HoustonTx.Gov)
  • Houston ranks second in employment growth rate and fourth in nominal employment growth rate among the 10 most populous metro areas (Source: HoustonTx.Gov)
  • Average weekly wage in Houston MSA is 20.8% above US Average (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Houston MSA is home to more than 4800 energy companies alone (Greater Houston Partnership)

Texas Ranks…

  • #1 for best states for company headquarters (Source: SF Gate, 9/3/12)
  • #1 on the list of best places to start a small business (Source: Supermedia.com, 9/11/12)

The Importance Of Highway Infastructure Thorough Coverage

  • Houston MSA has over 4200 lane miles of freeways and expressways (Source: Greater Houston Partnership)
  • High speed limits, HOV lanes and toll roads
  • Houston has more miles of HOV lanes than any other US city (118.42 miles worth!) (Source: Greater Houston Partnership)
  • All creates ability to travel a longer distance for work in less time opening more areas to population growth and development
  • Average commute to work in Houston MSA is only 29.2 minutes (Source: Greater Houston Partnership)
  • 1004 long distance trucking establishments operate in the Houston MSA (Source: Greater Houston Partnership)
  • 14 mainline railroad tracks radiate from Houston and Amtrak provides passenger service to the New-Orleans-San Antonio-Los Angeles route (Greater Houston Partnership)
  • METRO (Metropolitan Transit Authority) serves an area of 1303 square miles with 2663 route miles, 20 transit centers, 9816 bus stops, and 28 park and ride lots that offer over 32,000 parking spaces. Their fleet includes 1219 buses, 154 paratransit vans and 75 light rail train cars. Passenger boardings in FY 2015 averaged 9.3 million per month (Source: Greater Houston Partnership)

The Importance of Area Employment, Especially In The Suburbs

  • Job centers and large employers are not only in the city
  • Able to buy in newer and less developed areas off expanding highways to allow return on area growth in addition to initial equity and rent proceeds
  • Newer houses often mean fewer repairs

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