Why Invest in Austin

Why Invest in Austin

Why Invest in Austin

Why invest in Austin? Austin is a very lively city and capital of Texas. It has many opportunities for growth as well as the many Fortune 500 companies continue to move from California to here. Here is why you should invest in Austin.

Austin Area and Business Economy…

  • Two companies in Austin made the 2017 fortune 500 list.
  • Austin’s unemployment rate is at 3.2 which is significantly lower than the national rate. (Austin Chamber of Commerce)
  • As well as, Austin’s employment growth has remained steadily above the state average and the national average. (Austin Chamber of Commerce)
  • The Austin workforce is young and eager and the median age is 4 years younger than that of the nation. (Austin Chamber of Commerce)
  • It is home to highly rated elementary and secondary schools, as well as 120 private schools and 27 public and private universities and colleges. (Austin Chamber of Commerce)
  • Austin is a hub for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and the city is home to about 85 of these. (Statnews.com)
  • The Austin area is recognized around the country as a select location for corporate headquarters and supporting facilities. (Austin Chamber of Commerce)

Here is how it ranks

  • Austin is the 3rd best city to start a career. (Wallethub)
  • Also, Austin is the 8th best place to start a business. (Wallethub)
  • Austin is included on the global list for 30 best cities for real estate investment. (JLL)
  • Austin is one of america’s hardest working cities (Wallethub)
  • As well as, Austin is one of the top 10 cities for career opportunities in 2016. (Smartasset)
  • Plus, Austin is america’s fastest growing city. (Forbes)

The importance of highway infrastructure through coverage

  • Travis county has 1 interstate highway, 2 U.S. Highways, 5 state highways, 7 state highway loops and spurs, and 3 toll roads.
  • High speed limits, hov lanes and toll roads
  • Creates ability to travel a longer distance for work in less time opening more areas to population growth and development

Texas ranks…

  • #1 for the best business climate (Business Facilities’ 13th Annual Rankings Report)
  • #1 for the best infrastructure (Business Facilities’ 13th Annual Rankings Report)
  • Texas is the best state for business- for the 12th year in a row. (Chief Executive)
  • #1 for best states for company headquarters (Source: SF Gate, 9/3/12)
  • #1 on the list of best places to start a small business (Source: Supermedia.com, 9/11/12)

The importance of area employment, especially in the suburbs

  • Newer houses often mean fewer repairs
  • Job centers and large employers are not only in the city
  • Austin’s top 11 employers employ 6,000 people or more. (including Apple, Austin Independent School District, Dity of Austin, Dell Technologies, IBM Corp., Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Seton Healthcare Family, Seton Healthcare Family, St. David’s Healthcare Partnership, State of Texas, and University of Texas at Austin)

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