12 Things to do in Houston TX

12 Things to do in Houston TX

Houston is popular for a variety of reasons. It’s the most populated city in Texas and the 4th most populous in the country. Tourists swarm to Houston for the local attractions, arts and culture and its historic offerings.

We here at OmniKey Realty have gathered this list of activities you should experience if you find yourself in this fascinating city.

What to Do in Houston

1. Go on a wine tasting spree.

Wine tasting is one of many fun things to do in Houston, Texas.

Houston has a fantastic wine culture and this is an activity you wouldn’t want to miss here. If visiting a vineyard isn’t interesting to you, you can enjoy some boutique wine tasting at Sonoma. It has a modern chic ambience drenched in a cozy atmosphere.

For some award-winning wine steeped in family tradition, try La Fuente Winery. Wrapped up in local charm, their high-quality bottled wines are also the perfect choice for special celebrations.

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2. Unwind at Discovery Green.

An urban respite amidst the concrete jungle, Discovery Green is a refreshing sight. Head over to this public city park and immerse yourself in its vast oasis. Exciting events are constantly hosted in Discovery Green: Join free yoga classes, attend concerts and enjoy movie nights.

If you prefer more laidback plans, you can pack a picnic, people-watch and stroll around. Families can also bond together with sports, reading or by bringing the kids to the playground.

3. Indulge your curiosity with a Space Center Museum tour.

Space Center Museum remains high on the list of go-to places in Houston. Whether you’re a space fan or simply curious about the experience, treat yourself to an immersive virtual rocket launch. At the base for NASA, the museum attracts plenty of tourists wanting to peek behind the scenes of history.

Check out fascinating exhibits and prepare to be amazed by the displays, and participate in an interactive simulation in a zero-gravity environment.

4. Head to Hines Waterwall Park.

A great place to relax, families can bond against an impressive backdrop at the Gerald Hines Waterwall Park. The center attraction is the sculptural fountain that’s shaped in a semi-circle measuring 64ft.

The fountain of water is mesmerizing to watch. You can pack a picnic, play a game of Frisbee or take souvenir shots. With several oak trees framing the park, it has a very restful ambience.

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5. Drop by Miller Outdoor Theater.

In Houston, there’s no need to break the bank for a fun night out. Simply head to Miller Outdoor Theater located in Hermann Park. Prepare to get entertained with free productions ranging from concerts, dances, plays and performance shows.

This entertaining venue draws plenty of crowds and started in 1923. Beginning in March, it lasts through November.

6. Check out Buffalo Bayou Park.

A local gem, Buffalo Bayou Park is one of the premier green spaces in Houston. Go on a hike, ride a bike or appreciate the art sculpture installations. You can even let Fido tag along since there’s also a dog park.

Other amenities you’ll find include a skate park, kayak rentals and a nature play area. Buffalo Bayou Park is also where you can take in the stunning Houston skyline, apart from engaging in outdoor activities.

7. Visit the 1940 Air Terminal Museum.

If you’re fond of aviation then visit the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. This historical attraction still stands in the original art deco building. You’ll find all kinds of airline-related memorabilia. Vintage aircraft and simulators are available in the hangar.

These artifacts signifying the Golden Age of Flight are fascinating. You’ll enjoy learning interesting facts with knowledgeable staff on duty.

8. Shop at a local Farmer’s Market.

From just 7 sellers in 2004 to around 70 today, Urban Harvest’s Saturday Farmer’s Market is a popular destination. One of the perks of moving to Houston is that you can enjoy buying fresh local produce like eggs, raw honey and cheese.

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Another equally popular local farmer’s market in Houston is Hope Farms Market. You’ll find tasty and affordable produce that is organic and healthy.

9. Swing by The Galleria.

If you’re in dire need of retail therapy, dropping by The Galleria will surely do the trick. With over 400 upscale shops, highly rated restaurants and popular food spots, The Galleria will keep you entertained all day.

You can find a skating rink, salons and cinemas. Patterned after an Italian shopping villa, The Galleria is a fashionable haven. High-end brands include Prada, Valentino, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and several more.

10. Immerse yourself in the Museum of Fine Arts.

Exhibiting more than 65,000 artworks, the MFAH is easily one of the top 10 in the country. Enjoy a variety of artistic works in the form of paintings, drawings, porcelains, textiles and more from all over the world.

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Some of the famous works are Monet’s Water Lilies, Auguste Renoir’s Girl Reading, and Degas’ Woman Drying Herself. The museum packs fantastic symposia, workshops, programs and lectures to visitors doing the tours.

11. Be astounded by the James Turrell Skyspace.

This is one of the best things to do in Houston at night.

Rice University Campus houses one of the most amazing light and sound installation by James Turrell. It’s called “Twilight Epiphany” and this light show can be viewed each sunrise and sunset.

This architectural marvel has a 14-foot square skylight as the focal center in the installation. The skyspace uses 244 LED fixtures and changes its hues throughout the year. With an elegant modern design, it also contains 12 embedded speakers for musical performances.

12. Go on a Craft Beer Pub Crawl.

Houston is legendary for its craft beer culture. You’ll find a range of craft breweries such as the original Saint Arnold, 8th Wonder Brewery, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, Eureka Heights, Ingenious Brewing Company, Label and Brash Brewing. You can go on craft beer tours and sample delightful ales.

So what are you waiting for? Go and be dazzled by the rich cultural history of Houston’s different neighbourhoods, fabulous entertainment and sublime arts. You’re guaranteed to enjoy every minute of it. Most attractions are free or reasonably priced.

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