Corpus Christi Property Management

Corpus Christi Property Management

Professional Property Management Services in Corpus Christi, Texas

Self-managing a rental property is a stressful and time-consuming task. An experienced property management company can handle the multitude of tasks that you’ll have to take care of to ensure you maximize your returns. OmniKey Realty is a professional property management company that can help property owners in Corpus Christi to reach their investment goals. 

Our services are geared towards residential properties, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, and small commercial properties. Whether you’re a local or out-of-state investor, we can take care of your portfolio. 

We maintain active memberships with multiple organizations including, NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers), the BBB (Better Business Bureau), NAR (National Association of Realtors), and Metrotex.

OmniKey Realty provides service to approximately 80% of Texas. This includes the areas of Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Abilene, Killeen Metroplexes, as well as North-East Texas (Tyler, Longview), and Central Texas (Austin, Waco, Bryan/College Station, San Antonio, Austin).

If you own an investment property in any of these areas and need a property manager, contact us. You can reach us by dialing (833)666-4539 or by sending us an email at

Our Property Management Services 

Being a landlord involves a multitude of different responsibilities and challenges. With over 14 years of experience, you can trust OmniKey Realty to handle all your landlord responsibilities professionally. We can help you find good tenants, maintain your property, and more. Our services include the following: 

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1. Property Marketing

OmniKey Realty can help expose your property to as many prospective tenants as possible to get it rented out fast. Before we can list your property, we’ll first make sure it is rent-ready and will appeal to prospective tenants. This may involve tasks like painting, cleaning, or landscaping. 

Next, we’ll create an ad copy with descriptions of the property’s most important features. We’ll include high-quality photos along with this description and post it to the top listing sites, such as Zillow and Additionally, we’ll market your property by using yard signs and running social media promotion campaigns. 

2. Tenant Screening 

At OmniKey Realty, we are selective of which tenants we rent to. We look for those who can pay their rent on time and take care of your property. For this reason, we have a thorough screening process that all prospective tenants are subject to. We verify a number of different factors in this process, including: 

  • A tenant’s monthly income. To minimize issues of rent issues, we require prospective tenants to show proof of how much they earn per month. Generally speaking, we only rent to tenants that make at least 3X the price of rent. 
  • Their credit score. This will help us ensure that they will be able to meet their monthly rent obligations. 
  • The prospective tenant’s rental history. We will also follow up with the tenant’s previous landlords to learn whether they paid rent on time, cared for the property, and followed other terms diligently. 

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3. Rent Collection 

The most crucial factor for maximizing your returns is ensuring you have consistent rental income. At OmniKey Realty, we understand this. We have measures put in place to ensure that this takes place. These measures include: 

  • Providing tenants with simple and convenient rent payment methods.
  • Making sure tenants understand all rent-related terms of the lease agreement. 
  • Strictly enforcing these rent-related terms. 

At OmniKey, we can also help you determine how much to charge for rent. We make use of various tools to ensure that our clients are charging a price that is neither too high nor too low. The right rent is one that is both competitive and profitable and will allow our clients to maximize their investment returns. 

4. Property Maintenance 

OmniKey Realty will maintain Corpus Christi rental property and ensure that it never loses value. To do this, we have a team of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors that we have vetted for their competitive pricing, quality work, and quick turn around times. They help us respond to tenant maintenance requests and carry out regular quarterly property inspections. 

5. Financial Reporting 

As our client, we’ll always keep you in the loop regarding how your property is performing. We’ll regularly update you regarding its performance in terms of finances, marketing, rental rates, and maintenance. Additionally, we’ll regularly provide you with a balance sheet, monthly income and expense statement, general ledger, and a copy of your monthly bank statement. 

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About Corpus Christi, Texas 

Corpus Christi is a city located in the Southeastern part of Texas on Corpus Christi Bay. It is 200 miles southwest of Houston, and 145 miles east of Laredo. As of the recent census estimates, the city is estimated to have a population of 325,406 people. That makes it the 8th largest city in Texas and the 61st largest one in the entire country. 

The city is probably known for its high average year-round wind that provides perfect conditions for all types of wind sports. So, if you enjoy sailing, kite flying, windsurfing, or kiteboarding, Corpus Christi is the place to be. 

Source: Wikipedia.

Areas We Serve

We offer our property management services in the following areas: Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Central Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Bryan/ College Station, Waco), North East Texas (Tyler, Longview), Abilene, Killeen Metroplexes, AllenPlano, Paris and more.

If you live in any of these areas, let us help you! Contact us by phone or email for more information or to get any of our property management services today!

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