College Station Property Management

College Station Property Management

Quality Rental Management in College Station, TX

Are you looking to hire a property manager in College Station, TX?

If so, then choose OmniKey Realty as your property management company!

We promote convenience and offer several property solutions, including everything from investment to leasing and property management. We can cater to all your management needs for your College Station rental!

OmniKey Realty is a full-service partner when it comes to property management, acquisition, and sales. We specialize in managing single-family homes, multi-family units, and commercial properties. Even though we’re a family-owned firm, we offer the benefits of a large firm to property owners. We opened for business in 2006 and continue to rapidly grow and manage our clients’ portfolios.

Our company is built on good ethics, solid experience, and professional skills, helping us create a low-risk environment for our clients. Whatever your unique needs may be, such as marketing, rent collection, or property maintenance and repair, OmniKey Realty ensures your goals will be met with minimal worries and maximum income.

Call us now at (833) 666-4539 and together we’ll navigate the real estate industry to find you the best solutions in terms of investment and property management.

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Our Property Management Services

The OmniKey Realty team offers College Station property management services that promote tenant loyalty and business growth.

With our stress-free services, property management in College Station is simple and effective!

Watch your time free up, experience peace of mind, and most of all, notice how your ROI will be maximized!

Here are some College Station property management services you’ll enjoy:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

How frustrating is it to see your College Station property sit vacantly? You didn’t buy the rental property to let it stay empty and accumulate expenses, right? In fact, when you decided to put down a large chunk of cash, you have visions of earning a return on that real estate investment. But what if it’s been weeks without tenant inquiries?

OmniKey Realty LLC will help you eliminate vacancies in your College Station, TX property. Marketing is our strong suit, and by using sites such as Realtor, Hot Pads, Trulia, Zillow, MLS, and others we will widen your exposure. We also combine this with marketing through commissioned agents. The more varied the strategies, the faster we’re able to attract prospective tenants.

2. Tenant Screening Process

You’ve only just signed a rental lease with tenants in your College Station property, and you’re experiencing constant turnovers. How do you deal with this? Why do tenants keep leaving and what can you improve?

OmniKey Realty LLC will conduct a proper tenant screening procedure that will find you the perfect tenant. We will reduce the high percentage of turnovers. Our team will determine the tenants’ accountability and financial resources. We scrutinize credit reports, look at their criminal background, and study their submitted financial documents. At OmniKey Realty, we do it right the first time, so we can focus more on tenant retention and keeping your College Station, TX rental property attractive.

3. Rent Collection

Does it seem like your tenants go missing or act elusive every time the rent is due? Do you feel frustrated over late payments and constant excuses?

Rent collection is one of the most challenging aspects of property management.

OmniKey Realty LLC will ensure your rental income for your College Station property is consistent. We understand the financial goals rental property owners have to maximize their returns. Our team will push all efforts and use our rent collection methods for full results. As your property manager, we’ll make sure that tenants understand the consequences if they fail to pay the rent, and will firmly enforce late penalties. We will do so by reviewing your lease agreements and ensuring that its terms are clear. Then, we will go over the lease with your tenants to make sure they understand it well.

Our objective is to make sure our clients are free from financial stress when it comes to their College Station, TX rental property. If a tenant is on track for eviction, we make sure our clients are protected from income loss. We offer a 4-month payment guarantee, saving you from being charged with tenant replacement fees.

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4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Do you find that all your time is being eaten up by property maintenance and repair? Do you feel overwhelmed managing your College Station, TX rental property? Have you ever gotten an overnight call, or even a call while you’re on vacation?

OmniKey Realty LLC has all the necessary resources in terms of manpower, skills, and maintenance equipment. This means we can efficiently take care of your rental property without sacrificing excellent standards. We promptly respond to tenant maintenance requests and complaints. Minor maintenance problems will be resolved early to prevent them from escalating. Having our own in-house maintenance staff is a plus since we don’t have to rush to coordinate and schedule appointments with outside contractors.

We’re available 24/7 when it comes to urgent matters, so if a tenant has a serious maintenance issue in the middle of the night and we receive their call, you won’t have to make your way to your tenant’s unit to investigate. This will free you from constant stress!

We also offer free supervision when our clients have renovation projects in progress. You can trust that at OmniKey, we support our clients. We’ll maximize our service providers’ discounts to make sure you’ll enjoy savings when it comes to repairs for your College Station, TX property.

 5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Are your receipts all over the place? Do you find yourself having a tough time keeping your rental business documents in order?

OmniKey Realty LLC makes financial recordkeeping easy for property owners. It’s such an important part of property management! Therefore, as our client, you can find updated financial statements and reports through our online owner’s portal, so monitoring your College Station property is convenient.


If any of these management services seem interesting and helpful for your College Station rental, give us a call today at (833) 666-4539.

About College Station,TX

College Station is a city situated in Brazos County, Texas. In 2006, Money Magazine deemed it as the most educated city in the State thanks to the success of Texas A&M University.

Residents enjoy living in College Station, TX for its welcoming community, shopping centers, quality education, and restaurant choices. It has a calm environment with plenty of parks in the city.

Here are interesting places to visit in College Station, TX:

  1. Research Park
  2. Messina Hof
  3. The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
  4. Sanders Corps of Cadets Center
  5. Bonfire Memorial

Source: Wikipedia.

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