Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

OmniKey Realty is proud to offer some of the best property management services in the great state of Texas. The areas we serve spread all throughout Texas. We have been helping clients achieve their real estate investment goals for well over a decade now. Our passion is to make property ownership as effortless as possible while maximizing our clients’ ROIs.

When you choose to work with OmniKey Realty, you’re putting your valued property into the most capable hands around. We’ll perform a range of essential property management services on your behalf. This frees you to enjoy the bliss of passive income and focus your attention on other investing opportunities.

Here Are All the Areas We Serve

Collin County

Collin County is a mid-sized Texas county. The county seat of Collin County is the city of McKinney. As well as a small section of Dallas falls within Collin County as well.

The county was named after Collin McKinney. He helped to write Texas’s Declaration of Independence during the Texas revolution back in 1836. Politically, it’s known as a bellwether county. This means that typically whichever party’s candidate is successful in Collin County will be the successful party federally.

Tarrant County

Tarrant County makes up much of the north central part of Texas. Nearly two million Texans live in Tarrant County, and its county seat is Fort Worth. Any number of different lifestyles are possible in Tarrant County. From agriculture and cattle, to aerospace and defence, to technology and finance. It has a diverse, robust economy that is at the forefront of global innovations in a number of important fields.


Allen is a city that’s around twenty miles north of Dallas, Texas and part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. It’s a mid-sized city, with a population in the range of 100 000 residents. It’s a desirable location based on its proximity to big city amenities, two airports, and numerous corporate headquarters. There are plenty of recreational amenities in Allen. This means it’s a great place to raise a family slightly away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas.


Dallas is the third biggest city in Texas after Houston and San Antonio, and the ninth most populated city in the entire country. The Dallas Metropolitan Area is the largest in the southern U. S. It’s a prominent transportation hub, as the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports.

Dallas is a major force when it comes to national defence, the finance sector, technology, communications, and transportation. A bustling modern hub, there is no end to the investment opportunities in Dallas, Texas. This is a major area we serve.

College Station

College Station can be found in the Brazos Valley, in East-Central Texas. It is right in the middle of what’s called the Texas Triangle. A mid-sized city, the population of College Station sits at slightly north of 100 000 people currently.

The city’s name gives an indication of what the city is about. It’s home to Texas A&M University—the second biggest institute of higher education in the nation. College Station is also home of the George Bush Presidential Library.


Conroe is a mid-sized city in Montgomery County, and it’s known for being a great place to live in Texas. It has a calm suburban atmosphere, with plenty of green space and parks for residents to enjoy. It also has highly rated public schools. This makes it a desirable destination for families who still want to live within striking distance of a major city. It’s a mere 40 miles from Houston, and was the fastest growing city in the country a few years back.


Cypress is considered to be an unincorporated community. It can be found in Harris County, which is the most populous county in the state. In fact, Cypress technically falls within the jurisdiction of Houston. It’s a mere 24 miles from the downtown area.

Cypress is popular for being a safe and desirable suburb community. It provides residents with the safety, security, and amenities of a calm community. As well as with the convenience of being located close to the biggest city in the state.


Denton is a desirable destination for those looking for the convenience of a big city with the kind of quirky cultural atmosphere that’s typically found in smaller town. It is in the northern part of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are a number of festivals that bring Denton pride. This includes Denton Arts and Jazz Festival and the North Texas State Fair.


Frisco is known for being one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and its population currently sits at around 200 000 residents. It mainly functions as a bedroom community for people who work in Dallas while outside of the city. But Frisco is an interesting cultural destination in its own right. It is home to the Museum of the American Railroad as well as the National Videogame Museum.


Garland is the second biggest city in Dallas County, after only Dallas itself. This city has a lot to offer, including a quaint downtown area, a lakeside location, and storied distilleries. The city has the slogan “Texas Made Here”. This is a clear indication of the pride they take in locally-made products. Garland is home to the legendary Stetson hats, which you can find some great deals on at Garland’s outlet stores.


Grapevine has a convenient location near Dallas, and offers charming amenities and outdoor activities to residents. The Grapevine Vintage Railroad is modeled after a 1920’s style train. It will take you on a ride to visit local attractions. It contains Grapevine Lake, which is a popular destination for any number of outdoor activities. There are many parks that feature hiking, biking, and camping opportunities.


Irving is an underrated city in Texas with a quick growing population. It is one of the most diverse cities in the country. So, this means that it offers a number of cultural experiences and opportunities for residents and visitors alike. It was the home of the Dallas Cowboys up until 2008. As well as serves as home to some massive Fortune 500 companies such as ExxonMobil and Fluor Corporation.


Houston is the biggest city in Texas and the fourth biggest in the country, after only New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It’s the seat of Harris County. It can be found in the southeast portion of the state, close to Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Houston is a massive, sprawling city, and is the biggest city in the entire country by area. It’s central to a number of industries, including the world’s biggest network of research and healthcare institutions. Not to mention home to NASA’s mission control.


Longview can be found in East Texas. It’s the county seat of Gregg County, but a part of it also falls within Harrison County. Over the past decade, it has been one of the fastest-growing small cities in the United States. This is due to the growing presence of energy and transportation companies in the area, as well as postsecondary institutions. Longview is home to a historic downtown area, and is a gateway point to a number of recreational opportunities.


Richardson could be classified as a college town. It’s home to the University of Texas at Dallas. As well as home to the Telecom Corridor, which is a huge technology centre in Richardson.

Within Richardson’s relatively small area of fewer than 30 square miles, there are more than five thousand businesses in operation. In fact, some of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world operate in Richardson, including AT&T, Cisco Systems, Samsung, Verizon, and more. For this reason, it’s an excellent destination for those in the tech industry.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the seventh biggest city in the United States, and the second biggest in the state of Texas. It flies under the radar culturally in comparison to some of the state’s other cities. Yet there is no shortage of exciting experiences in San Antonio.

It’s the oldest municipality in Texas, having recently celebrated its third century of existence a few years ago. A balance of historical significance and rapid modern growth make San Antonio an interesting city of contrasts.


Tyler is a relatively small city located in eastern Texas. Its claim to fame is being the “Rose Capital of America”. This can be due to the long history of rose cultivation, production, processing, and more. Also, It is home to the country’s biggest rose garden, with nearly 40,000 rose bushes in hundreds of different varieties. Because of its roses, Tyler is a significant tourist attraction.


Waco is one of the areas we serve. It is a safe small city that boasts a low unemployment rate. It has close proximity to both Dallas and Austin at once. It’s home to Baylor University, and has one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX facilities nearby. It is also known for having affordable real estate! So, this means it could represent a great opportunity for property investments. It is a family-friendly city with good jobs and a low cost of living.

More areas we serve include:

When you work with us at OmniKey Realty, we treat your property like our own. With the many services we provide and all the areas we serve, your rental business will thrive. Call us today and watch as your property’s success flourishes.

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