Daniel Munoz at American Financial Network Inc.
Office: (214) 473-5984
Single Family Purchases 
1-10 Fannie Mae Lender, 1-4 Unit SF

Cortney Newmans at Lima One Capital 
Office: (404) 824 - 6121
The Nation's Premier Lender for Real Estate Investors  

Graham W. Parham at Highlands Mortgage 
Office: (855) 326-6802
Highlands Residential Mortgage 
1-10 Fannie Mae Lender, 1-4 Unit SF

Jason Zook or Jackie Watts at North American Savings Bank (NASB)
Office: (816) 508-2397
IRA Lending

Cary Donham at Capital Concepts 
Office: (972)573-9200
Individual and LLC 10+ owned property SF loans, also 2-4 unit loans

David Campbell, FDRE Inc.
Office: (707) 373-9966
Hard money lender, seller finance note, fix and flip financing

Armando Fletes, Vice President - Business Banking Lender Legacy Texas Bank
Office: (972) 461-7276, Mobile: (972) 697-8067
Foreign National, Fannie 1-10 , 4+ Multi Family Purchases, Portfolio/Relationship Lending LLC Financing 
OmniKey Realty LLC
OmniKey Realty LLC
(833) 666-4539