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You need a company you can trust to handle your landlord responsibilities. We are a licensed, insured, BBB Accredited company. We have a dedicated team of professionals in place to help maximize your profits for a low, inclusive management fee without sacrificing on service. We manage a wide array of single, multi-family, and commercial properties. We offer different levels of management involvement where you control all aspects of the listing and leasing of your properties to non-involvement where all you do is sit back and receive your monthly rents.

Marketing- We analyze the market and list each property for lease when needed with our proven method to achieve top dollar for only a one time 75% fee of the first month's rent. Our marketing strategies will keep your occupancy, rents, and tenant retention rates high by seeking high quality tenants all the while utilizing a 60 day re-leasing period at the end of all leases to keep vacancy rates low. We utilize extensive advertising avenues to market our properties including the MLS,, Zillow, Trulia,, and many others. We advertise all listings to other agents with a commission to reach the largest potential tenant pool. Additionally, we assist a large number of tenants in locating lease properties as well as disaster housing and insurance agencies so we have a pipeline of renters looking for rentals and a team of agents whose job is to show and lease our listings.

Leasing: Once an application is received, we utilize an extensive background and credit check as well as full employment and rental/mortgage history verification, bankruptcy search, lien checks, and more. We then execute a thorough lease which makes your tenants contractually responsible for important things such as monthly air filter changes. For single family units, we even make the tenant responsible for watering the foundation, bush and tree trimming, weed treatments on the yard, and pest control. You can rest assured that you will know exactly who applied for your property and that they agree to do what is necessary to maintain it. Accordingly, we make sure each property is visited multiple times throughout the year to confirm that the tenants are taking care of it, do not have unauthorized pets in the property, are following the rules of the lease, and that they are not overlooking any potential defects or concerns such as roof leaks, or foundation movement. We offer a four month tenant guarantee so if in the rare event we have to evict a tenant within the first 120 days of their lease, we will not charge our commission portion to find a replacement tenant. When it is time to renew a lease, we assess the current market and then handle all associated paperwork for a flat fee of $150.

Maintenance and Repairs - We have contacts and discounts with the reputable vendors needed to make sure your operation runs smoothly. We work with a large number of companies to insure that you receive the best pricing and service in a timely manner. If there is one present, we can also work with any warranty companies to facilitate repairs. Our staff is available 24/7 for emergencies and urgent repair requests. We also utilize an in-house repairs team to provide service for many small repairs that could cost much more with a regular contractor due to trip chargers, time cost, availability, etc. This also allows tenants to pay for damages they cause during their tenancy to alleviate having to bill for them after move out. We do not charge for our time to handle repairs with third parties or upcharge them so you only incur the actual cost billed for repairs.

Online Interface - Each owner has a log on for our website to view all details about each property including copies of all management agreements and lease documents, bill information, tenant payment history and details, etc. so that you always know exactly what is going on with your tenants and property at all times and you do not have to wait for emailed or mailed statements. You can pull a statement for any period of time with just the click of a button and the system is always up to date.

Direct Deposited Rent- All rental monies are ACH deposited after tenant payments clear at the beginning of each month. We can deposit into a checking or savings accounts with any bank that accepts ACH deposits in the United States. If applicable, we can also send payment to your IRA or trust.

Collections and Evictions- We handle the eviction process from start to finish and have the knowledge and experience needed to make this as smooth a process as possible. We also have a collection company who we work with who will assist to collect any amounts owed by tenants and collect no money up front or charge for services if funds are not collected.

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